County Distribution
County Distribution2 months ago
Yet another very satisfied customer !

If you live in the BR postcode area you may of recently seen a Lawnmaster leaflet being delivered by our staff.

Jon the owner of this great Company tells us
" We are seeing excellent results..We were actually going to ask you to pause as we cannot keep up with the response rate"

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County Distribution
County Distribution3 months ago
We have been delivering for this excellent Company over the last few weeks and this is what they have been saying;
"Lots of calls from the Epsom area and I seem to spend every Monday just dealing with enquiries from the weekend"

If you would like to be like Alix and spend the day taking in work , contact us today 020 8288 6878
County Distribution
County Distribution4 months ago
If you are in the process of reopening or just looking to boost local sales ,have you considered a local Leaflet Promotion?

For just £399 plus VAT , we can print and deliver 10,000 leaflets , so that 10,000 local households get to see your sales message! That's less than 0.04p per household!

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